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Covid-19 Relief Programme

Gracing Hands

The COVID-19 crisis is progressively generating multiple challenges by significantly affecting the lives of millions of people all around the world. Lockdowns and restrictions to circulate have prevented many Mauritians from providing for their families.

To bring about its support during this Pandemic period, Grace Outreach has initiated a COVID-19 Relief Program, known as Gracing Hands.

In response to the knock-down effects of COVID-19, Gracing Hands provides support for affected families by offering baskets of provisions as well as school materials on a four-month basis

Empowerment Programme

Grace Outreach has dedicated in-house expertise to support our beneficiaries through the tough conditions that they have gone through in their individual family lives and also their surroundings.

After going through a screening process, Grace Outreach shall assist with regular counselling and life skills training for 6 months.

This will allow the beneficiary to have a clear vision of what she/he wants and, consequently, Grace Outreach will provide financial assistance for further educational, vocational, and/or entrepreneurship training.

Counselling Sessions

Counselling Sessions

These counselling sessions act as a determinant of the type of assistance provided to the beneficiary. In this view, we shall be able to achieve our aim of empowering vulnerable individuals to become employable, economically independent, and sustainable. The counselling sessions allow us to have a better insight into the beneficiary’s root problems, issues, views, challenges among others. Therefore, both parties will be on the same wavelength, that is, the beneficiary will be able to voice out her/his problems and the counsellor will be able to find adequate solutions.
Life Skills Training

Life Skills Training

The LST is complementary to the counselling sessions. It adds to the counselling phase as a means to enhance holistic development. It can be that a beneficiary follows any other options provided in the Empowerment Programme and at the same time undertakes our guidelines through our life skills training. This is simply because we want a beneficiary to be fully equipped to integrate into society. The LST programme will be grounded on six life skills identified by the World Health Organization (1999) to ensure the holistic and balanced development of an individual namely, communication skills, decision making, creative thinking, self awareness, assertiveness and resilience.